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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Moving on...

It's now public knowledge. I'm leaving Sangoma/Paraxip. See the press release.

I have co-founded Paraxip almost 7 years ago and lead it through it's inception, rocky start, financing and growth of its products and markets. I ended up selling Paraxip to Sangoma in 2008 in what seems to be a great win-win transaction, even nearly 2 years after the fact. We have integrated the Paraxip team, products and operations into Sangoma for the benefit of both organizations.

I then spent the last year as VP of Marketing for Sangoma, where I learned so much and worked with a fabulous team. I think we managed to deliver on a solution-oriented and partner-focused marketing and product management strategy. It was a great experience, but it's now time to move on.

The very small software and services startup I am joining is poised for success, I believe. I will comment more on that later when this part is formally announced. One thing I can say however is that I am energized about the idea of "doing it all over again". The thrill of taking a nascent organization, with very little means, and taking them to a status of an international leader in their specific market is one that can't be beat..

That being said, I am very sad to leave great co-workers and friends at Sangoma/Paraxip. I wish them the best of luck...I know they will be successful!

My last day at Sangoma will be May 7. More on my next move later...

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